Magnets – Abacus Print

An extremely effective tool across a variety of industries, fridge magnets are not simply a piece of magnetic rubber. These functional marketing tools can be distributed easily by mail and are the perfect way to achieve promotional longevity for your business.

Printed with a message or your contact details and laminated with clear protective film, fridge magnets remain a practical tool often over a period of years.

Custom fridge magnet printingWe are industry leaders in producing high quality, eye-catching fridge magnets for businesses in many industries, as well as producing important promotional fridge magnets for electoral campaigns for MPs across Victoria, council public contact programs and more.

Our range spans a very diverse product offering. We often recommend an approach of producing fridge magnets that show your business details in conjunction with other useful information, such as a calendar, CPR instructions, other local phone numbers or imperial to metric conversions. This helps to ensure the magnet will be used and kept on the fridge in the longer term. All of which means more exposure for your business and message!