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Label Finishing

Self-Adhesive-LabelsLabel Finishing – because it is the finish that counts!

Our high quality label finishing options include:


An additional protective clear laminate layer can be placed over your label, known as lamination. This process provides a protective, durable barrier against scuffing and exposure to liquids.

Laminate is available in either gloss or matte finish and makes for a thicker, stronger and more durable label.


Like laminating, varnishing improves the integrity of labels by making them more durable and protecting them from humidity, moisture and heat.

Varnishing is generally available in glossy, matte and imprintable, finishes and helps to create the specific look you desire whilst adding an extra layer of protection for your label.


The embossing process creates a raised impression on a label that may or may not include a printed image. This technique provides an excellent means for highlighting a logo, a product variety or a specific message and is ideal for a stamp of excellence for a certificate or security seal. The raised feel adds texture and interest and significantly improves the appearance and quality of your label.

When combined with a spot gloss varnish added to the embossed area, the two features complement each other and cause the highlighted elements to really stand out.

Foiled MagnetsFoil Printing

Often used as a mark of excellence or quality, gold foil is a feature that can be easily included to add a level of opulence or brilliance. If a metallic look is required, there are several metallic colour options available including silver, red, green, blue, purple and more.

Foiling is a very effective technique that is usually used to complement ink printed labels.

Liquid Prints

This refers to full colour, self-adhesive clear domed badges that can provide a unique and interesting point of difference to your product or mailing item.

These can be used to rebadge or enhance any item, from office machinery to your business card! A small, raised label can make your business card into a memorable masterpiece.

Double Sided Stickers 

Our vast label printing capabilities mean we can also provide double sided stickers, often used on glass so that both sides of the label are visible.

These stickers can be manufactured in several formats and materials for specific applications, these include with a paper surface or a synthetic surface and can be produced to suit long durability requirements in sunlight. These kinds of stickers are often used as lube or ‘Next Service Required’ stickers as well as security stickers.

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