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Abacus Printing is the ideal provider of label printing services in Australia. Our labels are well suited for a wide range of applications, from minimalist food labels to the most sophisticated packaging design.

Abacus Printing has been operating in the industry for over thirty years. Our experience and adaptability has helped us build a loyal clientele, while also allowing us to connect with our newer clients.

We use high performance label materials and print technologies to produce labels and print with vibrant colours, special embellishments such as high build varnish, gold foil print and crisp graphics that meet the requirements that your products need to position them well in the market.

We print self adhesive labels, food labels, wine labels, outdoor labels, outdoor stickers, offer speciality labelling and have a great range of finishing’s available.

Guaranteed Delivery Times – once agreed, its guaranteed! No charge for Plates and Cutters – save big $$ on new label runs.

Print Techniques

Abacus Print use a range of print techniques, perfected over hundreds of hours of testing and long years of experience, to make sure your product and label has the look, the feel and the appeal to maximise the presentation. Many concepts are brought into play to evoke an idea, convey an experience, and transport the viewer to a place where they ‘get’ the vision of your product.

For example, we produce a label with a vivid fluoro brand splashed in a very creative embossed font across a deep black textured paper – and the clients vision of an inner suburban bar clientele appeal comes to life. Another client – targeting the conservative sector, uses a muted style, a traditional coat of arms, a layout that assures – and is presented on a top quality cream label paper with a slight texture to attract the feeling hand, the discerning eye, the cultured palate – and the product is much cherished – with a significant tribute to the well produced label – all provided by Abacus.

PMS print for special colours

CMYK ColoursWhen a label has design elements that call for a specific vivacity of colour, or a guaranteed consistency of hue across a decade of labels, Abacus produce these with a PMS colour ink – confirming that all is printed exactly as it is meant to be.


Full colour process print will reproduce a photograph, replicate an iconic image or trademark, and can be produced more economically for your benefit. A remarkable effect is often achieved with these labels, and while a PMS shade may be called for on occasion, the CMYK option is very regularly the option of choice.

Metallic Foil – Gold, Silver Bronze and colours

The sparkle of a metallic gold foil always speaks of prestige, of power and exclusivity – and Abacus print gold foiled labels to your specification. Silver and other metallic foils can be printed to colour coordinate your marketing strategy

Spot gloss varnish and matt varnish

We provide amazing special effects with High Rise (or high build) varnish – used in a patters – this raised clear or coloured varnish gives the effect of an embossed label with full paper adhesion to the bottle. This provides that touchable ‘wow’ factor to your labels and further enhances the product to the end client.

Pattern , grain, textured varnish

The patterned or textured varnish effects allow you to use a ‘watermark’, or a distinct pattern over all or part of the label, which enables you to project your message in a unique way – another Abacus innovation in label production.

Emboss and spot gloss

The Uplift effect – which combines the embossing of a section, with a spot gloss varnish on the embossed section, and when contrasted with a matt varnish to the rest of the label, provides a quality and distinct label to promote your products with, ensuring they are a standout success and appeal to your clients.

Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves in our efficiency — we provide accurate quotes and give you a precise time frame for a quick turnaround. You can track the project from start to finish; we will update you frequently to meet your deadlines. We can provide stunning original designs or work with your current designs to update them where required.

Abacus Printing consists of a dedicated team of service oriented individuals. We are sensitive to our client’s wants and work tirelessly to produce excellent work every time.

We believe that label printing should be both practical and engaging. Packaging labels need to make your products appeal and stand out from the rest while on the shelf, while also providing the buyer with all the necessary information to make a smart and wise purchase.

Custom Labels

Our range of labels includes a wide variety of label types and finishing options. Our custom label printing services allow us to work with an abundance of different materials. Choose from paper or synthetic materials, and from finishes such as laminating, embossing, foiling and liquid printing, to ensure that you get the very best label available.

If you need food or beverage labels, including high quality wine labels, or even outdoor labels, we can help. We have a wide range of special and exclusive wine label papers. All of our prints are made of food grade materials and approved inks and dyes to preserve the quality of your products.

We also provide specialty labels and customised labels, printed to your desired look and specifications – with special features – fold over laminate flaps, serial numbers, booklet labels, tear off tab labels – the list is extraordinary.

Ask us today how we can help accommodate your label printing needs and provide turnarounds to suit your requirements.