Local Community Event Marketing

The lifeblood of the local community is the vibrant events that make everything worthwhile. Cultural, Sporting, Environmental, Musical, Ethnicity – the reasons for an event are endless … but the event needs to be managed and marketed, and this is often the role of the councils. We can help you in that role.

  • Brochures / Fridge Magnets / Promotional Items
  • Design
  • Marketing Ideas that work
  • Stickers / Signage / Posters

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Email: sales@abacusprint.com.au

Fun Run Council Stickers
Event Council Stickers
Council Drink Bottles

Printed drink bottles are a brilliant message carrier – they last for years, travel far and wide, are constantly in the hand and are taken to similar events, where similar people are found, and where the council and tourist location advice will be well received.

Council Promo Frisbee

A ‘fun’ item that will return many times its value in repeated tourist exposure. Totally recycled plastic eco + friendly.

Council Ruler

Rule over the competition with this promotional stationery item! Getting straight to the point, a ruler is a long life, low-cost advertising giveaway item. All of the rulers you see here can be decorated with your logo, phone number, message and website.