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Abacus Industries has been a supplier of outdoor stickers and signage since 1981. We have up to date high class technology to provide high resolution screen and digital printing for the harshest environment. Our print can last in excess of 10 years depending on the material chosen and is totally UV protected. We focus on providing you with the ultimate in printing quality.

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Stickers for Outdoor


Durability in the sun is a very challenging application – however, we have the answer you need in these stickers. We take a high quality material (which can be either for 3 or 7 year application out in the fiercest sun and rain), then print it in vivid colour so that it will never be at risk of fading or peeling off.

For even more protection, there are optional external laminates that we can apply to protect the labels against scuffing and harsh fluids as well.

  • Wide range of stocks
  • Long lasting and up to full colour printing available
  • Reflective class 3 and full outdoor usage
Screen Printing Stickers


Do you need a label to be individually numbered? Serial numbered labels can provide each label with its own unique number, and can be included on the press run, meaning only a very modest cost difference.

Numbering can be consecutive, or repetitive (2 or more identical numbers following each other). Alternatively, we can provide digital numbering to suit your needs exactly.


Lamination is the technique where we place an extra protective clear layer over your label. This offers greater durability against scuffing and fluids, and makes for a thicker and stronger label. Laminate is available in either gloss or matt laminate.


Used for that extra glow effect. Extreme outdoor usage. Extra laminate available

Serial Numbering

Tags – Electrical & Services

Solutions to efficiently tag all tested and serviced equipment.


Where a service or testing function requires an onsite date or information to be applied and a protective layer of film to be applied on site, these stickers are ideal. Just add the information, remove the flap of backing paper to allow the film to be placed over the rest of the label and the job is done.



Emergency tagging out of equipment under service or restriction is vital for safety. Abacus provide tags in heavyweight cardboard that can be written on.
100 per pack.

  • TYVEK – Tyvek tags and machine labelling tags
  • Non adhesive vinyl
  • Thick PVC


When the application is to attach an ID or a despatch instruction to an item which is challenging to tag, we recommend a ticket. These are printed on either a stiff card, with beveled corners, a reinforced eyelet and an attacher, or on a synthetic card – which means that the wet or raining conditions the ticket may be used in are also catered for.

The options to reinforce the hole are a manilla washer, a metal eyelet or a strong laminated header panel, where the clear overlaminate reinforces the material around the punched hole. We can provide a looped string as well.

Danger Tags