Decoding Packing Design for Artisanal Products

Products that are marketed as being “artisanal” are growing in popularity down the aisles of supermarkets. Often it is the packaging of these products — the colours and fonts used and their overall impact —  rather than what they are, or where they come from, that is the first thing that the consumer notices.  The packaging plays a crucial role in showcasing an artisanal product and differentiating it from a less expensive brand.

Here, we try to unpack what it takes to create packaging for your artisanal product that will make it stand out from the crowd.

Choose Your Colours Wisely

One thing that often sets artisanal products apart is the use of toned-down colours in the packaging. There are rarely any neon hues or shiny elements, which are more common traits in packaging for mainstream products. Instead, pale, pastel colours predominate.


Main GalleryArtisanal packing tends to be simple and uncluttered and is rarely crowded with information. Packaging contains a main design element and the most essential information. The text is usually understated and genuine, aiming to avoid a ‘hard-sell’ approach to the customer. The quality of the product should be allowed to speak for itself.


Currently, artisanal packaging relies heavily on the use of simple shapes and sharp dimensions. Basic patterns and shapes are combined to great effect with contrasting colours. These polygons make packaging attractive, but do not draw the customer’s eye away from the important information.

Tribute to Old Design Ideals

Many artisanal products draw shapes, textures and patterns from history. The fleur-de-lis, Paisley and neoclassical patterns still inspire a lot of packaging textures today. Aside from their beautiful detailing, they also give the products a vintage feel. These visuals convey the traditional, hand-made values of artisanal products very well.

At Abacus Print, beautiful printing, either of packaging or promotional materials, is the marriage of beautiful design and the right technology. By working with us, you can expect great results that will definitely hit the mark amongst your clientele.