Branded Bins – Recyclable Bin Collection

Recyclable BinsThese fold up bins are branded with the council logo and message, and when placed in each location they will educate and collect the materials needed. One of the challenges of recycling is at the coal face collection – yes, we have kerbside collection, but how difficult it is to get the items collected from the point they are actually generated at – under the sink, counter, desk, or room bin!

Why not provide residents and tenants of apartments with a small branded bin that will do it very easily, and promote the council program at the same time!

Well, with the Abacus Bin Range, we have an option for you, and an option that will drive the message home – because it and your Councils brand and slogan will be printed on the actual bin.

Why use a Recyclable Collector Bin?

Collecting the recyclables close to the source is a vital part of the process, and these collectors fit the need very very well. Clean, washable, storable, stackable – they can slip beside your desk, under your bench, beside the bar – and be simply used to carry out to the recycling bin when full, then washed and replaced where they were. Makes the whole cycle work!

A Branded Recycle Bin that works

Red Bins

Size – 110 Litres

These bins are excellent for easy collecting – a hole in the top means the recycling actually happens, and the durability of a bin like this means it will still be there next year!

Branded with the details of your council or authority, they will assist the whole function of the place. A reinforced circle at the top makes for a sturdy opening, folds and each one of these 110 litre bins ships flat for greater economy and convenience.

Also available in a 92 Litre Size where space is at a premium.

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