We are industry leaders in producing high quality, eye-catching fridge magnets for businesses in many industries.

Our range spans a very diverse product offering. We often recommend an approach of producing fridge magnets that show your business details in conjunction with other useful information, such as a calendar, CPR instructions, other local phone numbers or imperial to metric conversions. This helps to ensure the magnet will be used and kept on the fridge in the longer term. All of which means more exposure for your business and message!

Fridge Magnet Key Features

  • Brilliant for advertising your business name, services, contact details and important information about your business.
  • High exposure  household or office items such as fridges, filing cabinets and magnetic whiteboards.
  • Cost effective and high exposure marketing.
  • Great range of magnet sizes to choose from.

Our turnaround times are extremely quick and we aim to meet the agreed deadline – or your money back. Give our team a call on 1800 066 344 or complete the below to request a quote today.