As part of the range of signage options available from Abacus, we offer the Billboard Solution. Outdoor Advertising is extremely effective as can be verified by its prevalence, and we construct and install these signs to your specifications. A billboard sign that can also be used as a number of stand alone signs is a great investment.


Full Colour Print Kedar system wrapped to the extent of the sign. Banner will be 1 complete skin including the top half of the building (silhouette). Banner will be reinforced where it leaves the top of the main sign to ensure strength and no ripping in the wind.

Anti-Graffiti 2pak coating applied to banner (Tubman’s guardian). Preferred and recommended over against a laminate (laminates delaminate as the banner heats and cools in the sun).


  • Steel Frame
  • Engineered according to site conditions at 5,800mm overall height with the additional silhouetted building shape.
  • 18 Columns: each column is SHS with 6mm walls, 200 x 200mm x 6m tall x 6mm thick.
  • Frame: 25mm x 25mm SHS (1.6mm wall)
  • Baseplate: 16mm plate with M16 hold down bolts.
  • Posts will be painted to customer’s specification.
  • Support frames will be clad with 0.55 zincalume, for light weight and durability.
  • All sides of the sign will be designed to allow them to be removed.
  • No back stays will be used in either stage of sign operation.

Billboard Specifications – they are all custom designed and engineered to suit your site. Give our team a call on 1800 066 344 to find out more or you can contact us via our online enquiry form!