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Councils & Government – Abacus Printing

Councils have specific needs to address when communicating clearly to the public and Abacus are experienced beyond many in these areas. We can help you to create a system to handle all these programs and more.

The challenge for Government communications is intense. Make the message understandable, memorable, positively received and affordable. At Abacus, we understand these challenges and we provide many options to enable public education and reward programs to flourish.

Veterans Day, World Health Days, Eat Healthy Initiatives – Events, Organ Donor Initiatives, Recycling Programs – all are supported and made workable by printed products from Abacus

We supply quality printed stickers, signs, fridge magnets, brochures and booklets, stationery, embellished products including gold foiled presentation folders and certificates, promotional items and arrange from the design through production and assembly, and then the distribution of all items as directed. Abacus Industries has a capacity to deliver these products satisfactorily as is seen by long experience, samples available and testimonials that are available from clients in the government sector. Distribution via national freight or by mailing services, including lodgement with Australia Post can be arranged.

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